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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fairy Tale Wedding

The Fairytale wedding of Prince William and Ms. Catherine Middleton has finally over. It has been celebrated by the worldwide. The wedding ceremony has been watched by billions of people and some of the spectators had camped overnight to nab the best vantage points along the short procession route. As for me, I was watching this royal wedding on TV live yesterday. I think it is a fairytale wedding. Guess many girls would have the dream of become the next Kate Middleton after yesterday. :P

I think the bride is very pretty with her wedding gown. The gown is simple and elegant and the tiara that she was wearing is beautiful too. She is just match with the prince. The part I like about this wedding is  the newlyweds left the church for their coach ride to Buckingham Palace, escorted by helmeted guards of the royal Household Cavalry. All the crowds were cheered for them as they couple look very happy. But the most highlight of the ceremony and also my most favourite part is the balcony kiss. When Middleton came out on the palace's balcony with William to wave at the surging crowds who will one day be her subjects, she could be seen to say: "Wow." Then came a pair of kisses that will be endlessly broadcast around the world. I guess the people who watching this scene would feel happy and crazy for it for that moment.

Well, I am wishing this newly married couple would have a happy life and looking forward they become the King and Queen of England. Again I want to say that Catherine Middleton is a really very, very lucky lady! :P

So, if you want to catch more pix of the royal wedding, you may click this link.

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