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Friday, January 6, 2012

My Day 17 in the Hospital!

For those who have been followed my blog would have known that I had been admitted in the UMMC on 21/12/2011 due to I have diagnosed with mycobacterium abscessus. Well, today is the 17th day for me here, and I have to stay for another 10 more days at least. L
Well, the antibiotics treatment for such sickness is minimum 3 weeks. For my case as it is quite serious, the doctor wants me to stay for 4 weeks for the treatment. I am still wondering if I could be discharged for my Chinese New Year.  According to the doctor, if I have been discharged for the CNY, it only would be for a few days and then I needed to be re-admitted for the antibiotics treatment via IV. This is due to some antibiotics could not be taken orally but by injection or IV. Anyway, the doctor is yet to decide for my discharge date. I need to go through the chest X-ray and/or CT scan before my discharge in order to see if there are any improvements for me. After all those past 16 days of treatment, at least my coughing is better nowadays as I have reduced my coughing times, as I am only cough once awhile. However, I was having the side effects from the antibiotics, i.e. diarrhea. It really was a suffer for me, luckily the doctor given me the medication for it. Besides, I am also required to have blood test twice for checking my liver function in every 3 or 4 days. The reason is as I am on few types of antibiotics treatment, the doctor worries that it would affect my liver, therefore,  I have to let the “vampire”(which is the doctor) to “suck”(which means using the needle to take) my blood. This makes me that I am having many “bites”(the needle pokes) on my 2 hands! Sob...sob…FYI, it hurts!!!
The served food by the hospital is not tasted good and my mother cooked from the home and brought it to me everyday. Luckily most of the nurses here are with kind and helpful gratitude and some are also very friendly and they are treating me well. Some of them even have recognised me and said that I am back here again. Well, at least I would not feel so lonely here. But I still miss my home and my warm bed. Guess what? My mother brought my own pillow for me. :P  FYI, I was able to watch the fireworks displays from my ward here on the counting down of the New Year. So, I was celebrating the New Year with my mother, my next bedded patient and her nephew here at the chest ward of UMMC! We were wishing each other Happy New Year when the fireworks started! Guess it was the first experience for 4 of us that to celebrate the New Year in the ward. Haha!
So, I have to stay for some more days here, I wish I would have a speedy recovery and to have a good health for my own. I will stay strong to overcome all the pains and wish all of you to give me support for it. Lastly, may God bless you!!!


  1. I hope you will recover soon.

    What are the list of antibiotics you are taking?

  2. hi Gabe! the antibiotics for my IV are Tienam and Amikasin and for my oral taken is Azithromycin. Did u take such antiobiotics before?!