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Saturday, January 21, 2012


2 more days will be the Lunar New Year as it is the year of Dragon. All the people, especially the Chinese are very exciting for this New Year. Many families will have their baby dragons in this year I believe.
Anyway, I will have my Chinese New Year celebration in the hospital again for this year. Yes, I said “again” as I was having my CNY in the same ward in last year too! L Well, I will not feel sad as before as I thought of the positive side, I will have my treatment here until my recovery and then I would have a healthy body. So I would not blame anything for it.  Moreover, all the nurses here are very friendly and I am already familiar with them as we always joke around.
Although I could not go back home for the CNY, the doctor allows me to go back home for few hours in the day time on the CNY Eve and 1st day of CNY. It is called home leave but it is an exceptional case for me as it is not practice always. So I manage to go back home for few hours in the daytime. Well at least I could see and feel my own bed after staying here for 32 days. Although it is only few hours to be home, I am also very glad for it.
So, tomorrow is the Chinese New Year Eve, the Rabbit year is ending soon, and the DRAGON is coming! I am wishing you to have a Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year. May the year of Dragon brings you good health, happiness, success and prosperity!!!

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