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Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Chinese New Year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Today is the 4th day of the CNY. I am wishing all of your to have a Happy and Prosperous Dragon Year!!! J
For those who have been following my blog would know that I was celebrating my Chinese New Year in the hospital. Well, on this CNY, I noticed that there were more Chinese patients in the ward than last year. So, I was not the only Chinese patient here. Anyway, I have the permission from the doctor that I could go back home on the CNY Eve, 1st and 2nd day of the CNY, i.e. 22/1 until 24/1. I went back home by 9:30am and then came back to the ward latest by 4:30pm. So that was meant I managed to have about 5 hours per day at home during those 3 days.
I was so excited to go back home after waiting for sometime. I was put on my new red T-shirt on the morning of CNY Eve and got ready to go back home after my morning IV. Gosh, it was so good to be at home after I was in the hospital for a month. Once I reached home, I felt relieved and happy. I was lying down on my own couch and felt so comfortable and my own bedroom too. I miss the “smell” of my pillows and bolsters of my bed. I was watching TV and chit-chatting with my family members. I miss my niece very much. I noticed that she has grown taller. The happiest moment for me at home is that I was having my reunion lunch with my family on the 2nd day of CNY. This is due to I was kind of disappointed that I couldn’t have the reunion dinner with my family in last year as I was also in the ward at that time! L Anyway, having a meal with the whole family is great regardless of time or venue.
After returned to the ward in the afternoon, my mother also given the Angpow and mandarin oranges to the nurses and staff of the Chest ward and all of them were happy to receive them. They were also wished all the Chinese Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! The ward was in a lively mood on those days as there was CNY decorations too. I also took a picture with the nurse. I even had a mandarin orange for my served breakfast on the 1st day of CNY by the hospital.
Lastly, I want to wish all of you to have a healthy year as health is the most vital for humans. I wish that I would not have my CNY celebration in the hospital again!  Anyway, GONG XI FA CAI!!!