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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Audit at the Hospital

Today is the day 22 for me at the hospital. It is still the same for me, to have antibiotics treatment by IV and orally everyday. However, since this Monday, I have seen some interesting scenes in this hospital, at my Chest ward here.
The interesting scenes are there are auditors have come to this hospital for the audit. Back to 2 days ago, (Monday), I have seen there were many auditors in the ward here. There are Malays, Chinese and Indians auditors from young to seniors. Some of them were rounding the ward who accompanied by the staff nurse or sister nurse, some of them were interviewing the staff or nurses, and another 2 young Indian auditors were checking on the medical reports and also looking at the patients’ beds. I am wondering if those auditors are from BNM or some other audit firms.
Anyway, I heard that auditors who were interviewing the nurses if there was any written policies for their procedures as they would like to take a look for it. I wasn’t ears dropping for their conversation as they were having the interviews at the aisle which was next to my door. Then I saw the auditors who did the rounding of the ward were looking at the rooms and toilets that attached to the room and then one of them were written something on the folder that he was carrying. Then he went into a vacant isolation room (which is opposite of my room) to check and then he was asking the sister nurse about the red light which placed at top of the front door of the isolation room, and there was also a machine next to the top edge of the door, so the auditors were asking the nurses about it and the sister nurse was answered to his questions and the auditor written down something on his folder again.  I could see all the nurses or sister nurse were nervous when answering to the auditors. I could understand their feelings as the job of the auditors is to point out the mistakes of the works. I think the auditors were at the ward for about 2 hours and then left.
So, on the following days, the sister nurses were at the ward very early as I wake up at 7:15am and I could see them around the ward. I could see and hear the sister nurses were busy instructing the staff and the nurses about their work progress and also busy checking all the rooms of the ward and calling the cleaner to clean here and there wherever there is dirty. The cleaner is also busy cleaning the place by sweeping, mopping, and washing the toilets. Wow, the cleaner sweeps every corners of the place. Moreover, there are some technicians also here to check the lights and repair if there are any things that needed to be repaired. After that, one of the sister nurses come to my room to check the toilet and also the beds. She told us (my next bedded patient and I) to keep the place tidy and she instructed one of the staff to help my next bedded to keep some of her belongings in the little cupboard (it is next to the patient’s bed) to avoid the untidiness. Then the nurse also came to my side to do some tidiness for me. Then in the afternoon, there is a cleaner here to wax the floor, so the floor looks shining and clean.
When the nurse found out that I didn’t have any name tag with me, she quickly made one for me to wear on my wrist as every patient should wear it. FYI, I didn’t have my name tag since the first day I admitted here, and the nurses also didn’t say anything to me until the auditors are here. Then when I take a walk at the aisle after my meal, I could see few rooms have been labelled which there were not before. The whole place is very clean and without any bad smell. Based on all those scenes, it seemed like all the nurses and staff are preparing for a “WAR”! :P I could see that they are frightened that mistakes would have been found out by the auditors as they all are very nervous for this whole week. One of the nurses told me that the audit would be held here for one whole week.
Some of the auditors also interviewed the patients but I didn’t interview by them. I wonder what would the auditors ask from the patients if they came to me, how and what should I answer them? The truth or be on the side of the hospital as saying everything is good?! :P Another funny thing is about the served meal by the hospital. When the catering guy came to deliver the food to us this afternoon, he even told us that the food is tasted good if asked by the auditors. Then the next bedded patient told me that food is totally not tasted good, and how could we answer as tasted good if the auditors came to ask us?! I then nodded to her also agree with it and we just smiled to each other……. J

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