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Friday, August 19, 2011

More Subtitles for S ONE HD Channel Needed!!!

I like to watch TV and I also like to watch the Korean TV series. However I am very disappointed with the Korean TV series and shows that show on the S One HD channel of Astro. This is due to all the Korean shows provided is only applicable with the Bahasa Malaysia subtitles and some of the TV series even with the BM audio dubbed. I am wondering that why such channel only provided with the BM subtitles and not otherwise.
I propose that more subtitles, English and Chinese are provided for TV series of the S ONE HD Channel (channel 393), particularly for the Korean Drama series. I witnessed that trailers of the same have the subtitles of English and Chinese but these are not available for the series proper. Frankly speaking, this is kind of making me mad for it. As my BM is not so good and I also do not understand Korean language, I can only rely on the subtitles for the story. However I do not enjoy my Korean show very much since it is only with the BM subtitles. I think this is not fair to the viewers that do not understand BM and Korean. As many viewers for such entertainment are not proficient in Bahasa Malaysia, there could be big gains in viewership if English and Chinese subtitles are made available. This gain will be even more I believe when such series are provided with more subtitles of other languages besides Bahasa Malaysia.
Personally, as I am one who has limited Bahasa Malaysia fluency, I feel disadvantaged by this lack of subtitles in English and Chinese in this channel 393. It is timely and just for Astro to provide this better level of service quality as it has just raised its subscription prices. And if the channels such as Star World, AXN, Animax and Zhi Zun HD have such multiple language subtitles, it is unfathomable why the same could not be applied to this S One HD channel.
As a conclusion, I wish that Astro could enhance its facilities in order to provide more subtitles for the Korean shows in order for the viewers to have selection. As follows in the spirit of ‘1 Malaysia’ that all Malaysian should share the same opportunities regardless of creed, race and religion.

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