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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Swedish Christmas Gifts!

Hi all! I am sorry that i have taken some time to update my blogs for the past 2 months. The reason was due to I was busy with my family matters and then followed by the Chinese New Year celebration. Anyway, i am back to my blog now.

Today i would like to thank my Swedish pen-pal, named Sophia, who has sent me some Christmas gifts and letters which I have received in the early days of January. Sorry that I only post about it now! :P

Anyway, Sophia has sent me her self-made Christmas card, 2 differ types of flavour of tea bags, a set pf cute sticker and my most favourite mini snow globe which she bought from the Ireland. No doubt, that i was happy to receive her letters. :)

I like the snowglobe very much as it has different types of views from the different angles you see. I think it is lovely and i would like to thank Sophia for all those lovely gifts. However, i would like to apologise to her as I yet to reply her letter as at todate. :P

Since Sophia has mentioned that she has moved to a new house, I think I would send her a gift as the new house moving celebration. Of course, it must be something represents my beautiful country, Malaysia! :)

Ok, that's for now. I have to look for Sophia's gift. Bye!!! 

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