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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Surprised Birthday Mail from Down Under!

Wow! Another surprise for me from my pen-pal of Down Under. Although my birthday has passed, I still received birthday gifts from my foreign friend, Andrea. She is from Tasmania, Australia.
Well, Andrea has surprised me with a birthday card, 2 fridge magnets, which are in Boomerang shape and another one in the night view of Hobart, Tasmania. Moreover, she has also sent a mini badge of the Beatles to my niece. Last time, Andrea has sent 2 large posters of The Beatles to my niece for her birthday in May and now another little surprise for her. Andrea is just so lovely.
Anyway, both my niece and I would like to thank Andrea for the lovely gifts and my niece likes the badge very much as she is surprised to receive it! Haha! As for me, I am also happy to receive such lovely gifts especially the fridge magnets as I would stick them on my fridge.
Wow! The night view of the Hobart makes me would like to travel to Hobart someday as I only visited the Launceston in Year 2000 for my university convocation. So, my next destination would be Hobart and then to meet Andrea. Haha! J
Lastly, I would like to thank Andrea again and hope that we could meet in person someday. I would like to wish Andrea and her family to have a Happy and Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!! J

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