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Monday, December 8, 2014

First Christmas Card of the Year! :)

Jingle Bell! Jingle Bell! Jingle All The Way!!! Ho Ho Ho! Santa is coming to town! Yes, Christmas is around the corner, I guess some of the people are busy for the Christmas preparation now.
Anyway, I have received my first Christmas card of the year on 5/12/2014 from my good Dutch pen-pal, Angela. She has sent me a lovely Christmas card. The Christmas card is with the view of an Angel. I like it very much. I also like the stamps that she put on the envelope, there are the stamps of snowing. It really has the Christmas mood!
Lovely Stamps & Christmas Card

Greetings messages of Angela
No doubt, I have also sent her the Christmas card and gifts to Angela and her family. She has received my mail already and I am glad to know that she and her family like the Christmas gifts that I sent to them. Hehe! :)
Anyway, once again, I would like to thank Angela for the lovely Christmas card. I am wishing Angela and her family to have a Happy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Happy 2015!!! :)

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  1. Your welcome dear friend. Hope the new year we can write a lot and brings us lovely mail from eachother. Hope to meet you in person sometime. Big Hug Angela