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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The End of my “Special Vacation”!

A week has passed since I ended my “special vacation”. I had been taken 27 days for it! L

Wow! During those 27 days of my “special vacation”, this actually was my hospitalised in a hospital. I was having the blood test regularly, being the “guinea pig” for the medical students or the doctors whom would go for their specialist for examined. Sometimes, even the student nurses also came to me, but of course I rejected some of them too. As too many made me frustrated.

During my hospitalised, I had met 3 neighbours whom are the patients who next to my bed. One of them who had become my longest duration of neighbour was discharged a day earlier than me. She was an old granny whom aged 76 and with breathing problem. But she was a very friendly and happy granny. Both of us were talked in our mother tongue, Hakka, one of the dialects of Chinese as both of us were Hakka. The other 2 neighbours were a Chinese lady and Malay lady. But they were stayed for a short time.

Anyway, during my hospitalised, I was very bored, so I was online with my mobile phone and readings, sleeping to rest. Sometimes I was also watching movies with my laptop. This was how I spent my time there. My friends and relatives came to visit me sometimes. I even received a basket of flowers with fruits from my friends who could not come to visit me. I was surprised to receive it! :P My mother was there for me everyday as she brought the home cooked food for me. I was really grateful to my mum as she was having leg pain and still came to see me everyday. On the first two days of my hospitalised, she was even staying overnight with me in the ward. I was feeling really grateful to mum but at the same time also feeling sorry to her that I had caused trouble to her and my family at home too. My mum had to rush from home to bring me the food as I did not like to eat the food that served by the hospital as mainly spicy or was not tasted good.

Anyway, the nurses and the staff were very friendly to me during my hospitalised and I even had the room with the view of the city. Thus, I could see night view and fireworks displayed on the Eve of Deepavali and Awal Muharram. I could see the fireworks from different places! :P Well, at least it helped me to forget the time I was in the hospital. Guess what?! When my chest specialist told me that I could be discharged, OMG, I was so happy and I thanked him so much and another doctor saw me and felt happy for me too. After suffering 27 days, “kissed” by the “vampires”, I meant blood taking by the doctor for blood test, I could stop all those suffer! Until today, even a week had passed; my hands still have some bruises as not fully recovered from the needle poking! L

One week has passed since I ended the “special vacation”! The feeling is GOOD to be at home! Feel nice to sleep on my own bed. However, I have to stay at home for the moment as I needed to avoid going to the public / crowded places as advised by the doctor. Next I have to go back for my follow-up in beginning of December together with the chest X-ray. Hopefully I would be better at that time. During at home, I am trying to eat and to put on weight as I had lost weight on my “vacation”. So, I am trying to eat more and healthy food to put on weight now.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the doctors, nurses and staff who being friendly and taken good care of me during my hospitalised. To thank my friends and relatives who came to visit me and to thank my friends who had given me support, cheer-up on my FB. I am really touched by you all. However, there was one person that I would like to say “THANK YOU” the most is to my dearest mother. She is always there for me no matter what had happened to me, no complaints from her and always staying by my side. I know that is the love of mother to her child. Thus, I would like to say to my mother, I LOVE YOU & THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME!!! J

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