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Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Birthday Gifts from Foreign Pen-Pals!

Hi all! If you have been followed my blog, you should be known that 19th November was my birthday. Well, I have received some gifts from my foreign pen-pals before and on the day of my birthday.
The first birthday gift I have received from my pen-pal is from my Dutch pen-pal. Her name is Angela. She has written a note on the back of the envelope and told me "Do not open the mail until the 19th November". So, I was waited until my birthday and then to open it. Wow, a 3D birthday card together with a letter set. They are lovely and I like them very much. Thank you Angela! :) I kept my promised, I really opened the mail on my birthday! :)
Gifts from Dutch friend, Angela
The second birthday gift was from my pen-pal which is sent from Japan, by Kimmy. Well, actually both of us were swapping birthday card as we are having the same birthday. :) I like her birthday gifts for me as the gifts were "sweet"and lovely. Kimmy has sent me green tea bag and Japanese coffee stick. As you can see from the picture below, there were also the staff of Hello Kitty, which is one of my favourites, a lovely stationery set, a red fish bag a lovely calendar of Year 2015. Wow, I like her birthday gifts to me very much. I hope that she would like the birthday gifts that I sent to her too! :) Thus, Arigato Gozaimazu to Kimmy-san!!! Thank you, Kimmy!!! :) I hope we would do it again in our next birthday! :P
Gifts from Japanese Friend, Kimmy

The other 2 postcards are a surprised to me. They are sent from New Zealand and Russia respectively. I have received these 2 postcards on the day of my birthday as I really appreciate them. The first one was from Gordon, New Zealand. He has sent me a postcard with 2 Guardian Angels. I was wondering if it was a coincidence or was it a faith that 2 Guardian Angels have came to me on my birthday after I have suffered from my hospitalisation. Anyway, I would take the Guardian Angels to protect and guide me in my future! Thus, thank you Gordon for the lovely postcard. I will appreciate it very much! :)
The another card was sent by Yana, Russia to me. It is a lovely art postcard. I think it is cute as I like it too. Thus, thanks to Yana!
So, these are my foreign birthday gifts for this year. Although there are not many or any valuable stuff for some people maybe, for me they are very precious to me as I would appreciate them very, very much. Once again, thank you to Angela, Kimmy, Gordon and Yana for your beautiful gifts! THANK YOU!!! :) May God bless you all!!! :)

Postcard from Kiwi friend, Gordon

Postcard from Russian Friend, Yana