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Friday, July 13, 2012

14 Days to go for the London Olympics 2012

It's countdown time! 14 days to go for the coming London Olympics 2012. I bet many people are looking forward to such great event.

The last Olympics was held at Beijing on Yr.2008, and the opening ceremony was on 8.8.2008. I recalled that my family and I were watching the opening ceremony on TV live. Time flies, and now it is the London Olympics 2012. Again, I think I would watch on TV for the opening ceremony on TV on 27.7.2012.

Well, I wish all the best of luck to our Malaysian athletes who participate in the London Olympics. I wish they would be able to get some medals for Malaysia. I am sure it is the hope/wish of the whole country. Again, good luck to all of you, Malaysian athletes!!!

So, let's countdown for the London Olympics 2012 from today!!! :)

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