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Monday, December 19, 2011

Side Effects of the Bronchoscopy

I had done the CT scan for my lungs on 18th November at UMMC. I then was having my chest follow-up about 2 weeks later, which was on 5th December. According to my Chest doctor, the condition of my lungs had gone worsened as compared to the results of my CT scan that I done in year 2009. Thus he wanted me to go for the bronchoscopy of the lungs on the next day since I was having cough for quite sometime and could not provide the phlegm for the sputum test.

Bronchoscopy is a technique of visualizing the inside of the airways for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. An instrument (bronchoscope) is inserted into the airways, usually through the nose or mouth, or occasionally through a tracheotomy. So, I was having my lung bronchoscopy carried out on 6th December morning at the UMMC. I had to fast for 12 hours before the procedure. My chest doctor carried the procedure for me. Before the procedure started, the doctor explained the procedure for me and told me the side effects after the bronchoscopy. According to the doctor, some people might have fever, coughing out blood due to the procedure. Then I had to sign a consent letter for carried out the bronchoscopy.

Before the procedure started, the doctor had given me some medications to anesthetize and then I was lying down flatly on a bed. I was monitored during the procedure with periodic blood pressure checks, continuous ECG monitoring of the heart, and pulse oximetry. I was also wearing the oxygen tube. The procedure was carried in a special room. The doctor had inserted a flexible bronchoscope into my mouth. The instrument was advanced to the trachea and further down into the bronchial system and each area is inspected as the bronchoscope passes. I was conscious during the procedure and it was a suffering for me as I felt a bit irritating that there was a tube in my throat and it felt very uncomfortable. I recalled that I was unconscious for such procedure when I first did in year 2009. But this time I was conscious. Anyway, the procedure was taken about 20 minutes.

After the procedure, I was pushed to another room to rest. I was having badly cough for a while and also giddiness. All those were the side effects after the procedure. FYI, it is required someone to accompany the patient who carried such procedure. I was still wearing the oxygen tube due to I felt breathless after the procedure done. I think I was taken about an hour plus by lying on the bed to rest and then only I felt better. The chest doctor came to see me and he told my mum and me that he would see me in 2 weeks later for the results. So my next appointment would be on 21/12.

After taken the rest and felt better, I left the UMMC and headed home. Guess what?! Due to I was very weak, I got fever as the doctor told me that it was the side effects of the bronchoscopy. Gosh, I was having the fever on and off for 5 days then only I had recovered. It really made me very suffering. Moreover, I am very worried for the results of the bronchoscopy as I wish it would not be a serious case. So, now I only could wait until this Wednesday for my results but nothing else!!!

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  1. I hate bronchoscopy. Perhaps, you can ask the doctor to give you full sedation during the bronchoscopy procedure.