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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Cute Bento

I have taken a cute lunch bento on Monday. The food was lemonade chicken, sardines potatoes patties, white rice and the fruit was honeydew. I ordered it from a home bakery after I read its ‘advertisement’ on the newspaper in last week.
The bento was delivered to my house as there was a transport charges for the delivery. The reason for me to make the order was due to I saw the bento pictures on the newspaper were very cute and it attracted me very much. Thus I gave it a try for the cute bento.
When I received my cute bento on that day, I was quite happy as I think it really was very cute. The rice was made into the face of a dog and it makes it look cute for the bento, and moreover, it looked delicious too. So, the food was tasted well and when I showed it to my niece after she came back for school, she was saying that the bento was cute too.
Well, let me show you my cute bento now. I also enclosed other cute bento pictures for reference.
My bento -- lemonade chicken
Do you think the rice looks cute?! :P

So, if you are interested to try the cute bento, you may find the information on the Facebook. Kindly search for the Melody’s Home Bakery and you would be able to see the menu, pictures of all the cute bento, and the guidelines for food order. FYI, the delivery is only within the Klang Valley areas. I hope you will enjoy the cute bento as much as I do! J

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