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Friday, September 13, 2013

Postcard from HangZhou, China

I have received a surprised postcard from China. It has been quite sometime that I received a postcard from Asia. Anyway, this postcard is from Brenda. She is from HangZhou, China. HangZhou is one of my favourite cities of China that I have visited. HangZhou is a very beautiful city for me, thus I was very happy to receive a postcard from there.
Brenda written in her postcard that she has travelled to Japan in last month and it was wonderful. I was glad to hear it as I also travelled to Japan before and I like Japan very much too. I think both of us have some similarities! Haha! :P
Anyway, I would like to thank Brenda for sending me a postcard. Xie xie ni! 谢谢!!!

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