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Friday, July 12, 2013

Park At Your Own Risk

“Park at Your Own Risk!” I believe many of us have seen this phrase in the car parks or printed on the parking tickets. Well, I would like to share an experience here.
Last week, my mother drove me to the hospital for my check-up and she has parked her car in the car park. After my check-up done, we went to get our vehicle and we found that our car had been vandalised. All the 4 sides of my mother’s car, i.e. left, right, back and front had been scratched by somebody. Moreover, the scratches were long and deep. We were very shocked to see it. This was the second time for our vehicle.
Our first time was happened in February this year, when I was hospitalisation. My mother again parked the car in the car park and found out that the window of the car (the front passenger seat) had been smashed and stolen some small change (for parking purpose). My mother had make the police report and also informed the person in charge of the parking at that time. However, it was useless. The staff of the car park told my mother that it was already notified that all the vehicles are parked at our own risks and we did not have any compensation or apologise from them. In fact, one of the staff told us that he had checked the cc tv in the car park and saw it was an Indian guy whom smashed our car.
Both my mother and I are disappointed and upset with the parking of the hospital now. According to the staff of the car park, they have the rounding trips in the parking to check on the vehicles and how and why did such matter had happened twice to us?! Well, we could consider the first time as “accident” or we were the unlucky ones. But how about the second time?! I was really wondering are the staff of the car park have done their job properly or they are just have the irresponsible attitude for not doing the job done by the words “PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK!”
Thus, I would like to advice for all the car owners, just be more precaution when you are at the parking lot next time. You don’t know if you would be the next unlucky ones!!!

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