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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Haze, Haze Go Away!

Haze haze go away!  I think this is the  wish of all of us in the country now.

The haze, the bad weather with the burning smell and dryness make many people unwell or fall sick. The people who are with weak lungs are risky too. Thus the asthma cases have increased!  :(

The haze has caused the twin towers "missing" and some beautiful views of the country also affected. The schools also declared closed for some states with the unhealthy index. The students are feeling happy because no school, but I am wondering if they know the intention of schools closing instead of holiday for them? !

Anyway,  I would like to advise all the people to drink much water and wearing mask if you required to stay outdoors. Otherwise staying in indoors. Please wear a mask if needed and turn on the air purifier if you have it. This helps to cleanse the air a bit. Moreover wash your hands and face whenever you come back from outside.

Lastly,  I wish it would have a pouring rain to clean the air and the haze would go away as soon as possible so that we would have a good weather again. 

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