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Sunday, November 20, 2011

My 19.11.11

It was 19.11.11 yesterday and it was my birthday too. I celebrated my birthday with my family. We dined at the Sushi King for my birthday meal. Well, although I did not really have a big celebration for my birthday, I was happy that I had meal with my family. This is due to after I discharged from the hospital about 2 months ago, I did not go out for any meals until yesterday. The reasons are I got tired easily and I have to be careful with my diet.

Anyway, I was glad to dine at the Sushi King yesterday as my family and I were enjoying the meal very much. All of us were very full-filling after the meal. Guess what?! My little niece even treated me the 31st Baskin Robin ice-cream after that. Wow, this made me even full and I think it is very sweet of my niece too! :)

Well, I wish that I will stay healthy and happy always and same goes to all of you!

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