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Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Quick Update

I have not updated my blog for more than a month. The reason is I was admitted into the UMMC in the mid September twice and also did the angiogram twice during my hospitalisation. The reason for my admission was that I was having hemotysis or also can be said as coughing out blood. After did the angiogram, I was feeling very weak with my body. After I have discharged from the hospital, I was still feeling very weak with my body as I got breathless and tired easily. Thus I was taking my time to rest in order to recover. I was feeling quite low or depressed too during those days and thus I did not do any blogging.

I'll blog about my condition once I'm feeling much better. Hence, I would like to wish all of you to stay healthy always and have a good health. Take care!


  1. That was awful...

    I hope you will be feeling better.

    Do tell us about this angiogram.

    Is there any tube needed to be inserted into the body?

  2. Thanx Gabe! I'll blog about my angiogram experience when I'm feeling better n yes, a tube is needed to be inserted into the body. :(